A GREAT view of the field at AT&T Park in Chattanooga during their pre-season open house!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Greenville Municipal Stadium

I will keep this short, and let the few pictures I took speak for themselves.

Greenville Municipal Stadium has only been without a pro ball team for 5 or so years now.

The Greenville Braves used the facility for all 21 years of the teams existence, and then the Greenville Bombers briefly used it, before becoming the Greenville Drive and moving their park across town.

I have written about how spotless the new park in town is. It is truly amazing. I can't argue with the reasoning for going to the new park.

I bet this park was great in its day. It does break my heart to see a park get run down like it has, but it is not totally lost yet.

We stopped by here not really knowing what to expect. I was pretty excited to see that it was still standing, though there is a lot of growth around it. Also, it looks like there is a park and ride bus stop kind of set up around it.

I walked around the park, and there is a huge section of the outfield wall that has been knocked out. I hate to see any damage done to a park, new or old, but it did give me a quick look inside.

I did not want to be too intrusive, but I did take some picture.

The aging outfield wall and the scoreboard were exciting, yet sad to see. You can see where words noting championships have faded from the wall.

The facility seemed pretty intact to me, and the field has been maintained, not to pro standards, but to quality amateur standards, at least. Seats are still in good condition too.

I did see some pizza boxes near a dugout. Someones shoes were on the field too, which made me think someone is using the park at times.


  1. The old park is now home of the Greenville little leaugue.(Greenvillelittleleague.com) Four additional fields were constructed on this ground.

  2. Thanks for the VERY interesting link! I am glad to see that the place is getting some use! I bet those kids are thrilled about the whole thing!