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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Burlington Athletic Stadium- Burlington Royals NC

We drove through Burlington NC to check out Burlington Athletic Stadium. What happened here was a bit of a first in our travels to parks. We went when a game was not scheduled (as the Burlington Royals have yet to start their season) but a college game was going on!

I must admit that I do not follow college baseball. I know I am missing out, but I am just so fascinated with the lower levels of professional baseball in general. There is really no way to follow minor league ball, in general because there is so much going on. If I even attempted to try to follow college baseball too my head would explode!

Anyway, these two teams were going at it, and there was a small crowd during this weekday game event.

We asked the person taking tickets if it was OK to go in and take a few pictures. The park was very nice and let us in. I do not know if this was a ticketed event or not, but they were very nice about it.

I did ask if there was any sort of a gift shop. I was told that there really wasn't, but I was told that hats were for sale at the concession stand.

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